Tuesday, Jan 28th 2020

Group35 Foods | Swartland | South Africa



In 1999 a farmer in the Tulbagh area had a dream to erect a small stone mill for milling flour in the old fashioned way. By grinding the wheat between two enormous stone wheels, he managed to build up a small market milling two tons of stoneground flour a day. With the help of 10 employees Oude Tol Meulens was born. This little mill managed to survive until the volatility of the wheat prices forced him to look around for someone to help sustain it, as he had to buy the wheat from the co-operatives at exhorbitant prices.

In 2003,  a number of farmers in the Swartland were looking for a better and more profitable way to dispose of the wheat which they harvested. These farmers bought into the Oude Tol Mill and for a year the little stone mill managed to do it’s best while a much larger roller mill was being erected in Riebeek West. Finally in the first quarter of 2005 a larger mill was starting to  roll out  flour. We shortly had an excess of flour which was still being hand packed by the original 10 employees of the business.  Our market had grown rapidly and we had to bring in contract workers from Riebeek West to help with the packing.  The 10 original employees grew to 70 employees who are now employed on a permanent basis. 

In 2010 the Oude Tol Milling was changed to Group 35 Foods (Pty) Ltd with a slogan that reads : Small Bigger Best Foods.  The reason for doing this was to expand our existing food basket and to ensure our customers that we listen to their needs and provide them with the best service and quality products at all times.

We strive to be true to ourselves as we know where we come from, where we are going and that we need to be the best in what we do.  Thus our slogan: Small Bigger Best Foods.


The Dream – has been realised

The farmers now supply their own Swartland grown wheat to their own Mill


The Aim – has been achieved

To bring a good flour at a reasonable price to the retailers, wholesalers, bakeries and finally the consumer



To now create long term sustainable jobs for our employees which,  to us,  is as important as creating long term mutually profitable relationships with our customers enabling both to grow and prosper together .

We have certainly managed to do this and our new goal is now to expand our basket of products which you can read about below.